Interested in screening THE AFRICOLOGIST for your festival, school, library, or community event? As long as no admission is being charged and the screening is happening on campus / on location, you should qualify for an Educational DVD.



 A PPR licence allows you to…

    • Include the film in your library (from September 2024)


    • Make the film available to students, staff and faculty members for the purposes of research, education, and any other non-commercial use


    • Hold a private, non-theatrical screening


    • NB. This licence does not allow you to charge admission, or to sublicence, digitize or duplicate the film in any way


Please note that our standard mode of delivery is via digital file transfer. If you would prefer to receive a DVD copy of the film.



The film offers educators an innovative tool to spark a new wave of ...


By screening THE AFRICOLOGIST you can:

    1. engage cross-cultural and multi-generational audiences with a positive story that gives voice to a whole continent and it's people


    1. spark a post-screening discussion exploring history, science, futurism, stereotypes, and our enduring thirst for knowledge


    1. bring the film's themes to life by organizing a Science Fact & Science Fiction debate in your community, empowering Africa's youth and freeing them from both social and self-imposed limitations



THE AFRICOLOGIST comes with a downloadable, Discussion and Screening Guide.


Take a look at the Educator Guide below to see how other professors have already begun to utilize the film in their classrooms.


We look forward to your partnership in THE AFRICOLOGIST's introduction as a unique teaching tool that will open student's eyes to the true voices of Africa.


1) Library/Classroom DVD - $350 (September 2024)


2) Library/Classroom DVD + Streaming License (perpetuity), utilizing your own digitization and secure streaming server - $565 (September 2024)


3) Add an On-Campus Screening open to the Public to License Options 1-2 - $150


4) Single Classroom Screening, provided through a streaming link - $180


5) Festival or Community Screening, provided through a streaming link - $300 (Link expires after the screening)


A Q&A with the Filmmaker for your class or campus event - either in person or via Skype - is also easy to arrange.