The Africologist is a futuristic documentary on African History, Science, and Technology.
The purpose of this film is to inspire young Africans by using technology backed science fiction as narrative, and evidence-backed science facts as the backbone.


The narrative is constructed around a chronological timeline starting with the origins of cosmos, and humanity’s first steps, here in Africa. This is the story of Africa’s Golden Age, from Egypt to Great Zimbabwe, passing through the numerous empires and civilizations all across this continent.
The Africologist delves into Africa’s Dark Ages from slavery to colonialism and celebrates the return to independence. Finally, we take a look at our place in the Anthropocene and the twenty-first-century Technosphere.
Along the journey, Africa’s major contributions to science and humanity serve as a guiding thread to connect the stories.
On every step, data, statistics, and geospatial visuals are used to back the claims and give the audience a thorough understanding of the issues and solutions addressed in the film.
It ends with an eye-opening and revealing conclusion on Africa today and tomorrow.


“The Africologist” aims to create a continental and pan African School of thought where African History, Values, and Cultures are at the center but never in the way of Science Facts and Science Research.
The goal of this cross-disciplinary conversation is to enable Africa to play a central role in the Forth Industrial Revolution by promoting knowledge and spear a wave of technological ideas.
Here, “Africanity” is used as a major differentiating factor in the competitive economic and technological sphere.

Africa played and still plays a central role in the history and future of mankind. This project aims to take us off the margins, and bring Africa on a central stage where we benefit from the fruits of human progress, and where our contributions are respected.
The Africologist serves as a blueprint to put an end to victimization and move heads up into a future designed and shaped by our own dreams and needs.
This is an audacious but much-needed vision for the construction and reconstruction of Africa.






The Golden Age


The Dark Ages









The fusion of science and technology is more than just a combination of knowledge and execution; history and cultures play a very important role in our evolution and progress. SciTechWorld combines wisdom and entertainment for the African continent.

Discover Africa in a whole new way.

As we learn and grow from our heritage, we will be looking at the present state of humanity, how we evolved, the errors we made, the big challenges that lay ahead of us.


Running Time: 52minutes 

Picture Format: Full HD

Audio Format: Audio

Genre: Documentary

Production: Songai Productions

Languages: English

Embark with us on a journey through Africa and Africanity, reconnecting to our past, experiencing the innovations of our present in exciting new ways and using science to foresee the technologies of the future.


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"Semper aliquid novi Africam adferre."

"Africa always brings [us] something new." - Aristotle