Throughout 2021, we will be offering screenings of THE AFRICOLOGIST (~60 min) for your community, local theater, youth organization, library, corporation, residence, conference or school. And we'll help you follow up with a local discussion/conversation and bring real change to young Africans.mes available to lead discussion or to hold Q&A sessions, in person or via Zoom or Skype.

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THE AFRICOLOGIST is licensed for screenings at film festivals and arts events around the world. We also help non-profit and grassroots organizations committed to he values we share to arrange screenings for charitable purposes.

Director Valerio Lopes, is sometimes available to lead discussion or to hold Q&A sessions, in person or via Skype.

For more information about hosting a screening or showing our films at a festival, please contact us.

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Tugg is a web-platform that enables individuals, groups, and organizations to set up personalized screenings in movie theaters across the country.  You can incorporate special features like an introduction, Q&A, or a panel following the screening.
Our partners at Tugg give you the power to bring THE AFRICOLOGIST to your favorite movie theater.  The process is simple: pick a date, pick a theater, and enlist your audience to meet the RSVP threshold online before the deadline.  When enough reservations are made, the screening happens.  You can use the event as a fundraiser and host a panel discussion right in the theater.  Want to know more? Check out How Tugg Works.
To host a screening of THE AFRICOLOGIST at a theater: