One Time Educational Screening License

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Embark on a Cinematic Odyssey with “THE AFRICOLOGIST”!

Step into a world where education transcends boundaries and narratives illuminate minds. “THE AFRICOLOGIST” opens doors to cross-cultural dialogues, empowering classrooms with a positive story that resonates with an entire continent. Ignite discussions on history, science, and futurism, fostering a spirit of curiosity that breaks stereotypes and unleashes boundless potential.

Our educational licensing options bring the magic to your fingertips, offering not just a film but a transformative tool for educators. From private screenings in your institution to sparking community-wide conversations, “THE AFRICOLOGIST” invites you to be part of a movement that reshapes perspectives and empowers the youth. Join us in celebrating the voices of Africa, shaping a brighter future through the lens of education.

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🌟 **Unlock the Spirit of Africa with “THE AFRICOLOGIST”! 🌍🎬**

πŸ”’ **Public Performance Rights License – $420**
– πŸ“š Include the film in your library from September 2024.
– πŸŽ“ Make it accessible for educational purposes

within your institution.
– πŸŽ₯ Host private, non-theatrical screenings on campus.
– ❌ No admission fees allowed, no sublicensing, digitizing, or duplication.

πŸ’‘ **Educational Licensing for Professors**
– 🌐 Engage diverse audiences with Africa’s vibrant narrative.
– 🧠 Spark post-screening discussions on history, science, and

– 🌈 Organize Science Fact & Science Fiction debates, empowering youth.
– πŸ“– Comes with a downloadable Discussion and Screening Guide.

πŸ“š **Licensing Options:**
1️⃣ **Library/Classroom DVD – $420 (September 2024)**
2️⃣ **Library/Classroom DVD + Streaming License (perpetuity) – $1565 (September 2024)**
3️⃣ **Add an On-Campus Screening to Options 1-2 – $150**
4️⃣ **Single Classroom Screening (streaming link) – $180**
5️⃣ **Festival or Community Screening (streaming link) – $420** *(Link expires after screening)*

πŸŽ“ **Enhance Your Educational Experience:**
– πŸ“† Q&A with the Filmmaker available for your class or campus event.
– 🌐 Easy arrangement in-person or via Skype.


πŸ“š **Join us in shaping the future of education with “THE AFRICOLOGIST”! πŸŒŸπŸŽ“πŸŽ₯**