Project Pitch


The Africologist is a futuristic documentary on African History, Science and Technology.

The purpose of this film is to inspire young Africans by using science fiction as narrative and science facts as backbone.

The goal of this cross disciplinary conversation is to enable Africa to play a central role in the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions by promoting knowledge and spearing a wave of technological ideas where Africanity is used as a major differentiating factor in the competitive economical and technological sphere.

"The Africologist" aims to create a continental and pan African School of thought where African History, Values and Cultures are at the centre but never in the way of Science Facts and Science Research.


The idea comes from a simple question, how can we get more youth on this continent to develop the necessary curiosity and drive to take on STEAM as the new STEM for their career choices?

While science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects are the focal point of popular integrated learning systems, voices are calling out for the "A" in "arts" to turn STEM into STEAM.

The Advantage of using STEAM instead of STEM as a learning system is that cultural aspects of Africa would become part of the narrative both as differentiators and creative stimulators for innovation.


Project Roadmap


  1. Interviews with STEM students
  2. Filmed presentation and debate as part of the documentary  narrative
  3. Location scouting and filming throughout Rwanda

Post Production

  1. 3D compositing and editing
  2. Content validation by academics
  3. Product placement and partner branding in film


  1. Pan African Presentations
  2. Use the Film to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics)


  1. Foster and African approach to STEAM
  2. Promote the term "Africologist" as an African approach to STEAM

Social Responsibility is an important part of marketing and branding in an economy where everything revolves around good stories and storytelling.

Joining this project is a good way to establish a Brand or Company as an engaged and responsible entity, not only focused on the "bottom line", but contributing to long term and sustainable development in this region of the World.

We have 3 engaging and participative ways that we collaborate with partners.

All 3 partnership types include a number of Special Edition DVDs of the film that the partner can offer to their most valuable clients, partners or collaborators.