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Stória ta [chord d-]dsé,            [chord a#] k’li ka tinha [chord c]jent          [chord a] Kuand kej descubridor[chord d-]bem,           [chord a#] Desviód p’um mau [chord c]tempo           [chord a] D’ali ej bai descubri [chord d-]terra,         [chord a#] i ej…

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  1. Cosmogeny Val Lopes 1:03
  2. Humanity Val Lopes 0:40
  3. The Africologist Seeks to Know Val Lopes 1:16
  4. Dark Ages Val Lopes 1:06
  5. Gira Katum Val Lopes 1:04
  6. Slave to the Colony Val Lopes 1:28
  7. reAfricanize Val Lopes 0:42
  8. Africa in the Anthropocene Val Lopes 0:59
  9. Afronaut Val Lopes 0:59